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Watch Two Champions Of Shaolin aka 2 Champions of Death (1980).

2 Champions of Shaolin is a 1980 Shaw Brothers film directed by Chang Cheh. It is one of the Shaolin Temple themed martial arts films and feuds with the Wu Tang Clan starring the Venoms. Rumor mills suggest that a rift was occurring between Kuo Chui and Lu Feng over choreography credits in previous films thus they came to an agreement that Kuo Chui would sit out 2 Champions of Shaolin and Lu Feng will sit out a later film, thus giving the role usually filled by Kuo to Lo Mang. The film was digitally enhanced by Joseph Kahn for the Chemical Brothers' music video "Get Yourself High".

The Manchu-backed Wu Tang clan carefully plan their next move in the fight against the rebellious Shaolin fighters who have dispersed into the countryside. The ideal opportunity comes when influential Shaolin pupil Tung Chin Chin (Lo Meng) arrives in town looking for contact with kung-fu brother Hu Hui Chen. Sending out a deadly knife fighter, the Wu Tang clan succeeds in inflicting a severe injury on Tung who stumbles away and is rescued by a brother and sister team. While recovering, Tung learns how to counter the knife attack from the pair and also falls in love with the sister.

After taking revenge and defeating the Wu Tang killer, Tung, his new friends and Hu Hui Tien (Chiang Sheng) humiliate the clan and leave their reputation in tatters. Wu Tang however plan a vicious revenge and, on the wedding night of Tung, they kill his bride and decimate the guest list while capturing the groom.

One of the few survivors is Hu and his next move is to locate and rescue his Shaolin brother. Help for the hero comes in the unusual shape of the adopted nephew of the Wu Tang leader who secretly frees Tung and reveals himself to be a Ming patriot.

Now the furious enemy call on the services of notorious Manchu fighter Kao (Lu Feng) and his deadly allies the Yuen brothers. Once again the pro-Shaolin and pro-Wu Tang forces go head-to-head in a tactical battle that culminates in the arrival of the likes of Fong Sai Yuk to help the cause.

Movie Name: Two Champions Of Death aka 2 Champions of Shaolin (1980)
Starring: Meng Lo, Sheng Chiang, Li Wang
Directed: Cheh Chang

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