5 Tips For Beginner Snowboard Jumps

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Five tips for learning how jump on your snowboard. If you can ride confidently and with some speed, then you're ready to get your board into air. These five tips will help you to learn with good technique, at your own pace, and in a way that keeps you safe.
The first tip is to start small. There are all kinds of natural side hits and rollers to jump off outside park. Get into the habit of spotting places to jump and hitting them every chance you get. Even inside the park, you can skip the takeoff and jump off the knuckle.
The second tips is to set up your approach to the jump. How you set up for the jump will determine your landing, so you want to make sure you get it right. Set yourself up with your knees bend, back straight, hands over your nose & tail, head looking forward, and board running straight and flat.
The third tip is to decide how you're going to get into the air. Your options are to ollie, nollie, pop off both feet, or coast and let the jump do the work. I'd recommend to coast or pop off the jump to start. Then once you've mastered those learn how to ollie and nollie.
The fourth tip is to bend your knees in the air. When you're just starting to jump it can be hard to be aware of what you're doing the in air, but bending your knees is key. Bending your knees will help keep you balanced, keep your board level, and will help you absorb the landing. Bending your knees will also make it easier for when it comes time to learn grabs.
The fifth tips is to land straight. It's very common to want to slam on the breaks as soon as you land, but that can cause you to crash. Land straight and in control, then gradually turn to your heels to slow down. If you feel like you have to slam on the breaks, then you were probably riding into the jump with too much speed to start.
One bonus tip and it's the most important tip is the check the landing. Almost every snowboarder I know has a story of hitting a jump and there being someone in the landing. Always check to make sure the landing is clear and that you have lots of room to ride the jump out.
Have fun out there learning to jump guys! If you have any question you can leave them down in the comments. Check out the Trick and Beginner playlist for more videos. For even more bonus tips head over to my Patreon page where I'll be posting bonus tips for every video I make. Thanks as always for watching and I'll see ya in the next video!

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