Top 10 F1 Team Radio Messages Of 2015 (Part 1)

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Seeing as the 2015 Formula 1 season has come to its conclusion I felt it worthwhile to compile ten of the best team radio messages from the previous 19 grand prix. After what, even by my standards, has been a long period of absence from posting videos, I'm back with an old style team radio top 10 to satiate the hunger of all those who've complained about my ending the team radio series at part 10. Though it would be easy to post more frequently with content such as this, or in the form of isolated radio messages, I get no pleasure from doing so and would prefer to leave it to the money laundering interlopers (I won't name them, but they know who they are) to post cheap, easy-views content...

I'm presently looking at composing an MLG parody for Abu Dhabi, although the race was so devoid of action that it's hard to find anything to parody as such... Again, sorry for having been gone for so long, but my preoccupation with getting an interview for a certain well-regarded English university rather lessened my interest in YouTube exploits, however this is now fully resolved so I should be back to the usual posting of Top 10's on a bi-weekly(ish) basis. If anyone has reached this point of the description then I implore you to watch American Beauty and Fight Club - these are perhaps the best films I've seen each with stunning casting, editing, music and plot-lines. Thanks for watching!

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