The Judo Class At The Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy

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Go Here: http://www.lvshaolin.com/kids_judo.php | What is Judo?

Judo is actually an Olympic sport similar to wrestling. It was made an official Olympic sport in 1964. It is derived from an ancient form of Jujitsu. However, today it is a very dynamic and fast paced sport that develops strength, balance, agility and speed for all of the students who practice it regularly.

The main tenet of Judo is called "Seiryoku zenyo" (Maximum efficiency). This principle can be described as using the opponents strength and momentum against them. Judo uses skill to overcome strength taking advantage of aggressiveness by yielding. In a force vs. force scenario the stronger opponent will always win while a soft approach can be very effective

The founder of Judo was professor Jigoro Kano. Kano believed that in order to perfect the use of martial arts techniques a student needed to be able to practice against a resisting opponent. Therefore, when creating the art of Judo, he decided to not emphasize many of the killing and maiming techniques found in the origin art of jujitsu and rather concentrate on the techniques that could be applied safely. This allowed judo student to free practice and apply the techniques at full force. Judo can be used in self defense, but it does not have many striking techniques such as kicks to the groin or pokes to the eyes that would be very practical in a real self defense situation. A good Judo practitioner, would be able to make his art work regardless of these limitations

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