Monster Energy Call Of Duty Ghosts And Lava - Nikon D800

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"Medical Donation Request"

This is something I never planned on doing via my YouTube channel but, this is a special circumstance.
A younger first cousin of mine is in need of some special medical treatment that isn't covered by insurance.
There's a gofundme account set up for him. His name is Dan. Dan is 38 years old and will be in need of much more money than they are hoping for.
Family has helped lots but, sooner or later outside help/donations are needed.


Of course we all know people who are in need of financial help due to injury and illness and we all give what and when we can.
My hope is that either numerous small donations are given or a few who can make large donations hear of this. Every little bit helps.

I currently have over 97,000 subs and 46+ million views. If only a small percentage made a small donation its amazing how much could be collected.
Please take the time to read of Dan's condition. Its very unique. Good people who need all the help they can get.

Thanks for subscribing and watching. Many more videos to come.
Be patient. What I do isn't always easy.

This time a Monster Energy drink.
Of course the can fell over but, the lava blocked the top from blowing off just in time for the side to split.

Its very easy to see the can melting away in this video.

There's no flying shrapnel. The can simply splits open as it explodes.

As stated in the other videos in this series, the can no longer exists. It melted and has been broken down to molecules.

Future archaeologists will find the islands many landfills when they become exposed by erosion as the islands sink back into the ocean.
Nice garbage atolls full of disposable diapers. Or future lava flows will reenact what I'm doing here at a scale millions of times larger.

The videos weren't shot recently nor in a national park. Those of you unfamiliar with Hawaii, the lava flows outside of the park often. Even on private property.
It doesn't care what's in its path and it destroys everything.

This series of videos is scientific in nature seeing how differing sealed objects react to the 2000 degree lava hitting it.

Don't try this at home. Of course if you do have a lava flow at your house, trying this is the least of your problems. Do not try this ever.
Safety precautions were taken and only the camera was slightly in harm's way.

Be sure and subscribe to my blog for future photo and video updates.

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