MMA Surge - Judo Throw

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How to Pull It Off:
1. Hook your right arm under his left and put your hand on his left shoulder.
2. Grab his right tricep with your left hand. You're now in over-under position.
3. Pull opponent backwards, making him step forward with his right foot.
4. Swing right leg upwards, leaning backwards with your head.
5. Slice right leg back, setting heel across back of opponent's right leg.
6. Swing your right leg further back, taking opponent's leg out from under him. During this, press your right shoulder into his chest.

1. If opponent moves his leg before you can hook it, let go with your right arm.
2. Bring right arm across his chest to grab his right tricep, leaning forward.
3. Jump down onto your knees.
4. Throw right shoulder down to the mat, sending opponent over your back.
5. Jump both legs over to other side of opponent, ending up in side control position.

Judo's a Japanese martial art full of takedowns and throws. This throw's called the Osoto Gari. You start with the over-under position and end up in a dominant position. Not bad at all.

Top 5 MMA Surges:
1. Bas Rutten's Liver Shot: http://goo.gl/Gj0Vx
2. The Triangle Choke: http://goo.gl/1wbCl
3. Rear Naked Choke: http://goo.gl/k27Bk
4. Double Leg Takedown: http://goo.gl/FnYe4
5. The Guillotine: http://goo.gl/HKMrk

About Squid:
Originally from Queens, NYC, The Squid has a history of taking down
the competition. He has dominated at Vale Tudo contests, Grappler's Quest Nationals, even the National Fighting Championship. Follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/AndrewJitsu.

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