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Progress your snowboard spins from 180 to 360 and 540. I'll show you the best areas to practice spins and I'll break down the three skills you have to know to spin on your snowboard.
The best AREA to learn to spin is not on a jump in the terrain park, but on sidewalls or side hits outside the park. These areas are perfect for learning the basic spinning skills, and are very low consequence if you fall.
The three basic skills that create spin are line, wind, and pop. Line is riding into the spin on your snowboards edge. Line creates a solid platform on your snowboards edge to spin from. Wind is your upper body winding up, then rotating. Wind creates spinning momentum that is carried into the air and gets the spin around. Pop is a level jump off both feet. Pop is what gets your board into the air and gives you the time in air to spin. The combination of these three skill is how you do any spin.
For your very first spin find a mellow sidewall. Here you can learn to 180 and 360. For front side the LINE in is on your heel edge. WIND up by turning your upper body back, then rotating forward to create spin. POP even off your heels to get your board into the air. If you're confused about the direction to spin, you always want the front of your board to spin up hill. For backside the LINE in is on your toe edge, you WIND up by facing forward, then rotate back to create spin, pop even off your toes to get your board into the air. If you're having problems getting your spins around, make sure your using your head to look around and help complete the spin. There are eight different ways you can spin on sidewalls. Front and back 180, front and back 360 and then you can learn those four spins switch.
Once you've mastered sidewalls you can step up to side hits. Side hits will give you more time in the air to get spins around and let you ride out the spin with speed. For side hits, always check and make sure the landing is clear of other riders.
The first spins to learn off side hits are 180's. The LINE for the 180 is mellow on your snowboard edge. The landing for the 180 will be on the opposite edge as the takeoff. Keep your WIND for 180 mellow, so you don't over spin. The pop is also mellow for 180's and if you pop level off the takeoff then you'll land level on the landing. Challenge your 180's by doing them off of different edges and by twisting which is an alternative to the windup, but will also get the 180 around. A common problem is committing to the landing, so make sure your switch riding is strong so you can fully commit.
When you're ready to step up to 360 find a side hit with lots of room and steep enough to help you get some air. Your LINE, WIND and POP are going to be a bit more aggressive to help you get the 360 around. The key for the 360 is timing. Hold your wind up until just before you pop, so you carry that moment into the air and around 360. Your POP also needs to be a bit bigger to give you the time the air to complete the spin. Sucking your knees up in the air will also give you more time in the air, give you better balance and help you absorb the landing. If you find yourself sliding out the landing, then your might be sliding off the takeoff.
Once you've mastered 180's and 360's front side, backside and switch, step up to 540's. Find a side hit with a steep enough takeoff, that will give you lots of time in the air to get the spin around. The LINE in needs to be clean on your edge with some speed, the WIND needs to be aggressive to create spin, and timed perfectly with the pop to carry momentum into the air, and get the 540 around. Visualize the landing of the 540 ahead of time, so you know when to come out of the spin and prepare for the landing. A common problem for 540's is not being able to get that last 90 degrees, so you may have to twist your body to help complete the spin.
If you're having problems with any spins, you can always look back at you LINE WIND and POP and see where you can improve. Remember that everyone learns at their own pace so take you time and don't' get discourage. There are at least 8 spins to learn in off sidewalls and small side hits, so take your time and learn each one before moving up in size.
Have fun out there learning to spin guys! When you're ready to take your spins into the park check out more videos on spinning in the Trick Playlist. If your not quiet ready for spins there's also videos to build your skills up to spinning. For 3 BONUS TIPS on this video check out the link to my Patreon page. Thanks for watching guys and I'll see ya in the next video!

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