2004 Subaru Impreza WRX Rally Blue Gold Rims - Walk Around In And Out

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Here I have my #14th Car I have owned since my 11 years of licencing. Started from a 1989 Pontiac Sunbird that my father bought me, to working my ass off for every car from there on. I get bored of cars quickly so I sell them off or I buy them and fix it up nicer to make a small profit occasionally. So it isn't that i get rid of my cars due to problems. I just want so many cars and I can only afford one at a time.

With that said I have regretted selling a few previous cars I wish I had not. I'm 27 years young now and I have a clean driving record, so crazyness is not a factor in my vehicles during my ownership. I take care of my cars and when i buy them with problems before me, I try to fix them because things break regardless eventually, but of course with better care things last longer, plus i had to have this car and it came with some things i needed to fix up but that's the choice we have to make (I do like to work on cars occasionally) I have not owned this 04 WRX for too long at all. In fact it's still knew to me but I have gotten accustomed to it my first 2 weeks driving it.

Some Specs:
it has a 45k miles 2.5 engine block swap (no longer the 2.0L)
5 speed transmission
Gets crappy gas mileage (16 mpg)
Lowered professionally
Borla exhaust
Remote start
and more that I'll add later on that I'm leaving out

I love cars but I'm not technical with specs with superior knowledge on these cars.
If i ever get rid of it, it will be due to getting bad miles per gallon *MPG's. I was hoping for mid 20's but i realized that was too good to be true. The car is sexy and I feel good driving it, compliments are given everyday. Just wish it did better on gas and i could keep affording this car. I have it financed through OnPoint =]

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