10 Snowboard Tricks To Learn Next

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List of the next ten tricks to learn on your snowboard. These snowboarding tricks are in order and each one will teach you a skills you can use in the next trick on the list. Remember to learn at your own pace and to practice in a safe area. The first snowboard trick on the list is tripods. Next, take your ollie skills and reverse them to get the nollie. In the last trick list we learned front 360's, and now its time for the back 360! Continue to improve your spinning skills by spinning butters. Next head into the park for back shifty's. The method is a classic snowboard grab and one that you can add a lot of style to. Another snowboarding trick that you'll need back shifty skills for is the front boardslide. Now it time for the first spin to learn on a jump, the frontside 180. At the same time as learning the frontside 180 you can start practicing the backside 180. Combine your front and back 180 skills together for doing 180's on and off a box.

Have fun adding these ten snowboard tricks to your trick list and working though each one. To share photos and videos of your tricks, and if you want feedback, connect on Instagram and use the hashtag #mytricklist. For videos to help you learn all these tricks check out the snowboard trick playlist. Give this video a thumbs up if it help you out. Remember to subscribe guys and I'll see ya in the next video!

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